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28 20 sunrise in space

“Caelestis Vita”


It was 2227, humanity has stepped foot on all the inner planets of the Solar System; and has just begun exploring the outer ones and with the need for brave souls to perform these tasks the U.N.S. (United Nations of Sol) has opened space contracting to civilians by issuing the “C-Logistics” license to qualifying applicants.

This has triggered a boom of new civilian astronauts (C-Astronaouts) eager to carve out a living in space as anything space needs of them; Engineers, Medics, Security Officers, Mercenaries, etc.

It is now 2250 and Players controlling Player Characters in this setting will be C-Astronauts work under certain C-Logistics license owners to perform a multitude of tasks that they ask of them in pursuit of continual…

Life. In. Space.

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